WP Curation Pro SEO Plugin Review and Bonus by Abbas Ravji

WP Curation Pro SEO Plugin Review and Bonus by Abbas Ravji – Best New WordPress plugin that will allow users to Discover, Curate, publish, Share & RANK content inside of google

WP Curation Pro SEO Plugin review

WP Curation Pro SEO Plugin is amazing product

WP Curation Pro SEO Plugin is RANK in Google using Curated Content…Drag & Drop Easy. Rank in Google Content Curation is the art of Sharing selective information from among a large number of possibilities for other people to consume and enjoy. WP Curation Pro lets you Discover & Curate Authority content from sites you Love. It Builds Links to posts you publish, it auto updates content to maintain a High Google Freshness Score and it puts you in Full Control to RANK Curated content inside of Google time after time. Wp Curation Pro is the Perfect Companion for ANY WordPress site that actually helps you RANK. Drag & Drop Authority Content, Engage Visitors & Boost Rankings.

Reverse engineer…WP Curation Pro lets you Build Optimized Content that Google Loves. Simply select content of your choice from your Favourite sites, then Drag & Drop the Optimized content into your own editor. Add your own commentary and share the post on social sites for Instant Exposure & Targeted Traffic. Curating Content from Authority Niche sites is a tried and tested technique used by many marketers and Top sites. WP Curation pro lets you do this with ease. Create & Curate World Class Content without Writting a Single line of text Creating Quality Content has never been this Easy. Reverse engineer…Simply “Drag & Drop” Content used by your favourite sites / competitors & construct your own. Pick & Choose Content, Slice & Dice it, then Spin it using the Spinning Features. This makes your content 100% unique & Optimized ready to RANK inside of Google. The Drag & Drop features make the plugin super simple to work with, and you’re going to love it. Boost Google Fresh Factor & RANK Higher in Google.

Google Fresh factor…WP Curation Pro comes with a Unique Feature that allows you to Automatically Update Content so to Boost the Google Freshness Score for Any Document. This Powerful Feature allows you to Auto Update & Auto Syndicate Content on a Frequent bases at a Schedule of your Choice. Keeping Content Updated is Important because it shows Google that your Content is up to date and still Relevant Today. WP Curation Pro makes it Easy to keep your Content Updated and continues to Build Links to your content each time it’s updated. GET Targeted Traffic Syndicating Content to Popular Social Sites. Instant Exposure with only a few Clicks. Boost engagement…Sharing and Syndicating your content is Important. It allows you to Build Links from Authority Sites, Increase Social Signals and Send Targeted Traffic to your posts. Not only does WP Curation Pro allow you to Syndicate Content with only a few clicks of the mouse, it will Automatically Syndicate Content each & every time it gets updated. It ensures you get Constant Promotion for your Content and keeps the Robots and Traffic flowing. Build Auto Curated Blogs using Authority Content Push Button Easy.

WP Curation Pro SEO Plugin Review and Bonus by Abbas Ravji – Best New WordPress plugin that will allow users to Discover, Curate, publish, Share & RANK content inside of google is the best. You will be like a professional.

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WP Curation Pro SEO Plugin Review and Bonus by Abbas Ravji – Best New WordPress plugin that will allow users to Discover, Curate, publish, Share & RANK content inside of google
WP Curation Pro SEO Plugin Review

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Just Four Steps to Discovering, Curating & Ranking Content in Google…

Step 1
Add Feeds for your favourite sites / Competitors.

Step 2
Drag & Drop Content into your own editor.

Step 3
Edit content & Add Commentary (This is optional).

Step 4
Publish & Share Content like a Marketing Pro

Here’s five easy ways to start benefiting from Wp Curation Pro :

Create & Curate World Class Content
Drag & Drop Authority Content from Sites you Love

Discover New Content Ideas & Topics
Say Goodbye to Writers Block & Build Content that Keeps Visitors Engaged

Boost Google Freshness Scores
RANK Higher by Sending Google signals that your content is up to date and still relevant

RANK for More Keywords & Boost Targeted Traffic
RANK in Google for more keywords, boost targeted traffic & Increase conversions.

Auto Update & Syndicate Content
Automatically update content and build links at a schedule of your choice

Putting this to Work for Your Sites is as Easy as 1,2,3

Step 1
Install Plugin & Configure settings

Step 2
Discover, Curate, Publish & Share your content on Social Sites

Step 3
Watch Your Rankings & Traffic Increase

WP Curation Pro SEO Plugin Features :

  • Build Optimized Authority Content “Drag & Drop” Easy – Keep visitors Engaged & RANK Higher in Google
  • Discover New Content Ideas & Topics – Bring your Research & Favourite sites into 1 place, Never fear writers block again
  • Boost Google Fresh Score & RANK Higher Auto Update Content & let Google know its still Relevant to show today
  • Curate & Create Authority Content from sites you Love – Generate Content like a True Content Marketing Professional
  • Share Content on Social Sites – Build Authority Links and Send Targeted Traffic to your content
  • Auto Publish Authority Content Push Button Easy – Keep visitors Engaged and Hungry for more
  • Work with YouTube Videos & Multimedia – Curate & Create Media Rich Content that Google loves
  • Fully Integrated with Spin rewriter & The Best Spinner – Spin Your Content with Ease
  • Works with ANY WP Install & Any Theme – So you can be sure to get RESULTS

WP Curation Pro SEO Plugin Testimony

Get off the Content Treadmill…Lets face it, as SEO Professionals or even Business Owners, creating content is a huge job and, its just too expensive to buy articles that might not even get a lot of traffic. But websites need content to rank, fresh, relevant content. WP Curation Pro offers an almost hands-off approach. We had been using a popular plugin called Curation Suite for along time because it has been the simplest way to get curated content into our PBNs and other sites, but it is a manual process. WP Curation Pro is much more hands off, it will find the relevant feeds, it has options for auto -posting your pre-chosen curated content in a template of your design (or saving to draft for your review), spinning it through an API at spinrewriter or the best spinner, if desired, then syndicating out to twitter, tumblr and pinterest to obtain high quality backlinks and traffic to your posts. It’s an all-in-one artfully semi-automated solution for content creation, freshness updates (insert a shortcode into Posts for auto updating the content) and SEO. It has replaced Curation Suite in our sites. – Carin Handsun, Owner iWebResults Digital Marketing Agency

Content Curation Pro is like having a team of virtual assistants that work 24 hours a day but never ask for a pay rise. Curation, syndication, site freshness and more all in one box. This plugin is just what you need to revive those old sites you have neglected and thought were dead. I intend to revive a ton of old projects with this plugin as well as setting up new ones that will stay fresh. I love this plugin and so will you : ) – Darron Hodgkinson, London, UK

Do you have old blog posts that Google has forgotten like me? I did and WP Curation Pro solved that problem for me. The Google freshness factor matters if you want to rank your posts and websites and this plugin addresses that. The nice thing is that it will post and syndicate automatically for you once you have set it up. Works great in conjunction with WP Content Ranker. Thank you Abbas for another great product. – Siegfried Emme, CEO Loveland Medical Clinic

Abbas has brought us yet another incredible product. I was thinking that rss curation was getting a bit old hat, but that was up until I played with this beast. It is packed with features that make sure the content you pull in brings massive power ranking potential. If you’ve used any of Abbas’ other recent plugins, then it will be a breeze setting up this one, and it even goes out and finds the very best rss feeds for you to work with too. It’s another must have tool for any IMers toolkit for sure. – Tony Grant, Business & Internet Marketing professional.

WP content Pro is a brilliant new tool for anyone seeking to automate the entire content curation process for virtually any WP based website, either for your own website, or for any clients WP sites. Knowing as we do that Google’s recent algorithm changes now measures and ranks your websites according to the quality of its content, relevance and most recently, freshness of content, WP Content Pro solves all 3 of these problems, plus one other bonus feature that has been proved to further improve any websites SERPS ranking, “Auto Social Posting”. WP Content Pro has the ability to automatically create new post pages, filled with high quality relevant content, then to further enhance your posts you have the option to select sections of that content to be updated at regular intervals by adding new fresh content in to the post in to the future, and then further boost the value of the post with the added bonus of auto syndicating the entire process to your social media accounts each time this new fresh content is added. I don’t know of any other system which can solve all of these problems in 1 easy to manage WP Plugin. This tool is simply amazing, and once you have set it up you could if wish go off and just leave this plugin to run in the background safe in the knowledge that your website is continuing to be updated and syndicated to your social sites totally hands free. The benefits of this system are immeasurable in terms of what it can do, the time it will save you, and increased SERPS ranking for your websites. Simply amazing. Yet another great SEO Product from Abbas. – Geoff Lord, Owner of Habazar Internet Marketing

Our Zero Risk Guarantee Full 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Gain INSTANT ACCESS to Wp Curation Pro RIGHT NOW, completely 100% RISK FREE FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS! I know you are going to LOVE this plugin but on the off chance that it just isn’t what you thought or you receive ZERO value from it (highly unlikely)… I’ll refund 100% of your purchase today, no questions asked, no hassle and no hard feelings. So fearlessly click that BUY NOW button right now and let’s get you started

WP Curation Pro SEO Plugin : Frequently Asked Questions

Will Wp Curation Pro work on my website?
Wp Curation Pro is a WordPress plugin and should be installed on your own WordPress blog. Simply login to your WordPress blog and start using Wp Curation Pro

Are Updates Included?
Standard plugin updates are included free of charge for the first year

Are there any special setups needed to run the plugin?
As long as you have wordpress installed and your server is running php 5.4 or higher then the plugin will work. This plugin will work on both shared servers and dedicated servers on windows or linux

Are there any tutorials?
Certainly, you will be given full video tutorials showing you how to work with each feature.

Are there any upgrade OTOs?
After you purchase, you will be presented with full details for an optional enterprise upgrade for a low one time price.

Are there any other expenses to run Wp Curation Pro?
No, there are no other expenses to work with Wp Curation Pro.

What If I need Support?
Getting support is easy! Simply email our support team and they will contact you back as soon as possible. We often say we aren’t exactly 24/7, but we are 8 to faint daily.

What is the Refund Policy?
We offer a no questions asked 30 days money back guarantee.

I still have some questions, where can I send them?
You can reach us at support@WpCurationPro.com

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WP Curation Pro SEO Plugin Review and Bonus by Abbas Ravji – Best New WordPress plugin that will allow users to Discover, Curate, publish, Share & RANK content inside of google

WP Curation Pro SEO Plugin Review

WP Curation Pro SEO Plugin is very very professional product and best choice for you. However overall this WP Curation Pro SEO Plugin does a great job. WP Curation Pro SEO Plugin is a huge time saver and will save you money WP Curation Pro SEO Plugin Download

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download WP Curation Pro SEO Plugin

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